Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I fought the plaket & I won. I think.

Well, the Kylie dress is back on. Thanks to the ladies at PR, I figured out the placket. Mostly. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, but I think I may be holding a grudge :D I'm also doubting the fabric I chose, I love the print, but this dress may be better suited to something a little less busy. We'll see.
Went to Joann's yesterday & got enough goodies for 3 more projects. Two aprons, one for me & one for my sister- and a baby hoodie for my baby girl. I'll have to take pictures of my fabric & post it before I get to cutting--that is, if I ever finish the Kylie dress. I'm really trying to just work on one project at a time. I'm also not buying fabric unless I have a specific project for it. It's working so far, but if DH keeps it up, I'm going to have a huge stash by month's end. :) Did I mention his parents used to own a quilt store? And his mom still has a bedroom full of fabrics on the bolt? Oh, yes indeed. DH is not opposed to stashing :) "It's not like you're not gonna use it," he says. And he may be right. But I just feel better if everything has a plan; a purpose. For now.

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  1. YAY! for keeping at the plackets and winning! You might be amazed at the results concerning the "busy ness" of your fabric for the dress. I've seen some crazy fabric patterns on dresses that mark it as "outstanding".

    So cool about the quilt fabric bolts. What a dream!

    It's funny that you mentioned being intimidated by the book I suggested, PR gals intimidate me! LOL ... I've decided to keep my chin up and begin writing reviews there too though. How else am I going to get better if I don't involve myself with a community of sewers?! :D

    I hope you're planning on posting a picture of your dress. I'm looking forward to see it. :)


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