Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apron Complete!!

I finished my first apron. It turned out nicely. Next time I'll make the sweetheart neckline more pronounced, (my fault-not the pattern's-I was afraid of cutting off too much.) Also, the bodice is a bit too small for me (but I'm pretty sure that is going to be 'standard', since most patterns accommodate only up to a B cup, and after 2 kids & since I'm currently breastfeeding--well, let's just say that I see some major FBAs in my future), so I think I'll make it significantly wider. Possibly 4-5 inches.
As for the pattern-loved it. Super easy. Clear instructions. I did contact the maker of the pattern, Gretchen, and she was as sweet as could be. I loved how little fabric the pattern requires & how it uses every inch of it up. Initially, I thought the straps were a little longer than I would have liked, but I've found that I really like being able to tie the waist strap in the front. And it would have been incredibly simple to shorten them up, too. It's also very versatile. I think I'm going to make my sister's a square neckline simply because of the fabric I chose. Anyway, here's pictures. And, this is me. Sort of. My hair is usually very curly, but I got it 'did' on Tuesday. :)

See how the bodice gapes? Oh well. I'll make some adjustments next time, but this'll do. I do love the black/white/hot pink combination. Very diva-ish. Domestic diva, that is. ;)
And remember, you can buy your very own pattern here.


  1. Yes, that combo is very diva. What a fun apron. I have a apron pattern in my stash for when I don't know what to sew next.

  2. I like how it ties in front too. Makes me want to make another apron...


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