Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bombshell Sew Along

Have you guys seen this pattern from Closet Case Files!?!? When I first started delving into bra making*, I thought 'Wow! It would be AWESOME to make my own swimsuit.' In searching the internet I saw Heather's orginal emerald green suit & fell in love. It was perfect. Unfortunately, there wasn't a pattern for it. And altering an existing pattern is quite possibly out of my reach.

But LOOK who's been working her tail off so the rest of us can look fabulous on the beach too! Heather's hosting a sew along starting on Monday to sew up the Bombshell and I am. so. exicted. The fabrics have been ordered and I am ready to go! I originally was going to order from SpandexWorld, but their shipping was positively outrageous. $17 to ship 3 yards of fabric. NoThankYouVeryMuch. But The Fabric Fairy had this pretty purple swimsuit fabric (& I ordered a nude lining) AND as a bonus, she carries swimsuit elastic, too. $25 including shipping. If all goes well, this suit will cost me only $35 to make. I should even have enough fabric left over to make a matching suit for my daughter.

I'm really excited to get started on this! I may end up adding a bra for support...but maybe not. :) We'll see. I don't want it to be something I get hung up on. Besides, I think I might end up needing a 2nd suit at some point anyway. 

*I've burned myself out on bra making. I haven't blogged my triumphs & (mostly) trials, and to be honest I'm still a little let down by  my lack of success. Part of the challenge is that I'm still nursing. The other part is that while bra sewing is very cheap compared to buying RTW (at least in my size), it is  CONSIDERABLE investment both in time & money on the outset. I still dream of being able to whip out a beautiful, well fitting bra, but for now, I'm taking a break. I think my next "move" might be to find a great fitting RTW bra and clone it. The other option is to GULP draft my own block. Someday.

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