Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simplicity 4076: The Remix

When I was cutting the lining fabric for my little boy's hoodie, I thought, "This stuff would make a great t-shirt." Turns out I was right.

I decided to give S4076 another go. I had such an easy time of it last time & I love the results.  I made a few additional alterations this time around. (Side note: I'm wearing my hair the same way in both pictures...looks like it's time to branch least it's growing. And, speaking of pictures, sorry about these ones, I had a really hard time photographing this top. The black just doesn't show the details very well)

If you remember, I added a whole 3 inches to the length, and I did the same this time around. Also, I've noticed that my striped version is constantly riding up, so I added 1" to the hips, tapering to nothing at the waist.

I also ditched the sleeves! I wanted something a little dressier, and I wanted the option of wearing this top under a blazer or jacket. I used bias tape to finish the armholes & then edge stitched. I do find that  I have to tuck the bias tape in when I first put the shirt on, but the tend to stay put. I may decide to slip stitch them on the inside just in case, though.

This fabric is super slinky & when I first slipped it on I found that it looked sloppy. So, I pinched out the excess fabric at the side seams & ended up removing a whole inch (!) from each side seam.  I probably could've done a bit less, it seems I get overzealous when I take some of my seams in. 

Also, I popped the hem of my striped shirt the first time I ever put it on. So, I was sure to use Wooly Nylon thread in the bobbin when I stitched this hem & it worked great! The hem is super stretchy!

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  1. Well I think this top turned out terrific! I hope you get lots of wear out of it!


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