Monday, May 9, 2011

Finished! Toddler Hoodie

Hi! If you're here from, I have to tell you there is no free pattern linked in this post. I'm not sure how my post got submitted to them, but I'm trying to get it removed from their links. 

When my husband saw the Heidi & Finn Unisex  hoodie pattern that I bought for the kids--he loved it. Until I told him I was going to make one for Shawn. He insisted it was much too girly for that. So, I went ahead & let him pick out a fabric to make a hoodie for Laila. He picked an adorable black & pink plaid woven. At the time, I didn't really know the whole knits vs. wovens thing, so when I brought the fabric home & did some research, I realized that a knit fabric really would function better (so the black & pink plaid remains stashed). Also, at the time, I was afraid of knits. So, the pattern got put aside.

Fast forward to Celebrate the Boy month at MADE. Lots & lots of goodies, including the Unisex Hoodie Pattern!! And let me tell you, these hoodies just scream "BOY". I found Emily's version particularly awesome.She was sweet enough to include a tutorial on inserting the zipper.

This project came together super fast; the instructions were excellent.  I did have significant trouble with the zipper (which is not the pattern's fault, since it includes button closures). Mostly, I'd sew it in, decide I did it wrong, rip it out & then realize that I was right the first time. D'oh. I found the zipper tricky for a number of reasons.First off, I don't really know how to do a zipper. Second, this zipper isn't inserted the conventional way. Third, my fabric was a pain. Both the outer shell & the lining are super thin & unstable. Nevertheless, as long as you don't look too close, it's fine. You can find my "offical" pattern review here.

And the end result? Well. It's anything but girly. 


Linked to: Made by You Monday @ Skip to my Lou


  1. Well I think the hoodie is adorably boy!!

  2. This is awesome! I actually have some of that fabric in my stash - love it! Sorry the zip was a pain though. :(

  3. Zippers are tricky little things! Love the fabric and great job!


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