Friday, May 6, 2011

Sewing Room Organization: Magazines

My next organizational challenge was my magazines. I needed them readily available. But contained. The first thing I thought of were these:

Image Source

I always see these advertised in Threads magazine. And it's true, they do appear to keep the magazines contained. But readily available for browsing? Not so much.

Even if I knew specifically which magazine contained the article I was looking for, since I'm a visual person, I'd have to look at the covers to know. I wouldn't remember, "Oh, hey. That zipper article was from the March 2011 issue of Threads" Which means that I would have to take all the magazines out & look at the one by one. Which means I'd probably get distracted before I even found what I was looking for & forget my reason for getting my magazines out in the first place.

So I continued my search. By googleing "magazine organizer" and this is one of the things I found:

I know the picture is kinda hard to see, but if you click on it, it will take you to Amazon.  The product itself is just a little piece of plastic that you slip your magazine into & then place it in a binder. It's perfect for what I need. I ordered mine from Miles Kimball. They come in a set of 24, but when I placed my order the site said they came in sets of 10, so I ordered 2 (and received 50!) I have plenty for my sewing magazines & I even stared using them for my Simple & Delicious recipe magazines (which I highly recommend!)

I love that they are easy to browse through.  When I'm in the mood for some light sewing reading, I can just grab my binder & peruse to my heart's content. What about you? Do you have sewing magazines? Do you save them? How do you store them?


  1. Hi Jenna,

    Yes, I save every single sewing and crafting related magazine that makes its way into my mailbox. The magazines that I don't look at often are stored vertical in cardboard holders that are similar to the ones you first mentioned here.

    The ones that I look at on a regular basis (Threads, Crochet Today, Interweave Knits, etc.), are all in binders--three of them to be exact. I use both the plastic magazine strips that you are using and sheet protectors.

    It looks like we use very similar organization tactics, huh? I guess what works, works!

    I never heard of Simple and Delicious magazine, is it anything like Taste of Home?


  2. Hey Rebekah, you what they say about great minds ;)

    Simple & Delicious is actually published by Taste of Home, but I've never subscribed to the latter, so I cant vouch for the similarities. :) What I can say is that I get at least 4 "keeper" recipes out of every issue of S&D that I get. Which is saying a lot 'cause I'm pretty picky about the things I cook (can't have more than 30 minutes of prep work, must be able to pronounce all ingredients, must be able to find said ingredients at my local Safeway--in my super small town...etc, etc.) LOL

  3. I love your sewing room organization methods.


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