Monday, May 2, 2011

A Whole Lotta Cuteness....

I have to start of by saying that I'm sorry I missed my "Sewing Room Makeover" post last week. The kids & I were down with this cold that's been going around. And also, when I was feeling up to "activity" (and the kiddos were willing to allow it)--I had funner projects that took precedence.  

Four fun projects as a matter of fact.   Want to see the first one?? I know you do. :) Fair warning: this post may qualify for what they call "Pic Heavy". I just couldn't narrow down the cuteness. Miss Laila has that effect on me. 

It's a baby headband!!! Made out of....old t-shirts!! The black band is just a strip of an old paint-stained Hanes t-shirt (which interestingly enough, had no side seams). The pink & white rosettes are both from some sleeveless, hoodie, zip up t-shirts (they sound weird, I know) that are now too small. Which is really interesting since I'm the "smallest" I've ever been. Maybe they shrunk. But it's more likely that they were too small to start with, since looking at old pictures has made it clear that I habitually wore clothes that were on the small side as a teenager. Those pictures I will not be sharing. You're welcome. 

I used a couple different "techniques" for the roses. For the pink rose, I used (more or less) this tutorial. For the white rose, well, I just rolled that baby up and sewed it together. I much would have preferred to use my hot glue gun, but, alas, it has disappeared. Or been hidden. Our 2 year old thinks its a fantastic toy, so we hide it. And thereby lose it. Which leaves me no choice but to hand sew cute little flowers for t-shirt baby headbands.

As for the little ribbon, I basted long edge of it (using pink thread) and then gathered it. After that I just wrestled with it until I liked the results. Then I hand sewed it. At which point I had to continue wrestling it into submission. Oh, how I miss my hot glue gun.

I sewed (again, by hand) the rosettes to each other & then to thin t-shirt strip and sewed that to the headband.   

As for the headband itself, I just cut a strip (from my old t-shirt) about 3 inches wide (or tall, I guess) by 17 inches long. I serged one short end & the long ends together & turned it inside out (which reminded me to add 'loop turner' to my --already incredibly long-- JoAnn shopping list).

And I leave you with this--my absolute favorite shot from our T-shirt Headband Photo shoot

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