Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UFO No longer: Simplicity 4076

Showing DS how to strike a pose...he appears unsure

I started view D back in October. October!!! The construction of this top is very straight forward. Definitely beginner worthy. And I love how it turned out!! No fitting issues & it's so versatile. Nothing like a basic T for this stay at home mom.

So what was the hold up?? Ah, the twin needle. My (mom's) old machine that I was using at the time did ok at the neckline, but the poor thing couldn't handle the 1/4" hems at the sleeves. So, this lil ol' tee got put into a ziplock until further notice.

Being at a standstill with both the Crepe & Pendrell, (and with the help of my new Kenmore!) I decided to bust this baby out & give her a whirl.

Now he's got it!

I had it finished in one evening. My sewing machine handled the double stitched hems pretty well, with the exception of the feed dogs attempting to eat my fabric. That was easily solved with some tissue (as in gift wrapping, not nose blowing) paper.

The only alteration I made was to add 3 inches to the length. I like my casual shirts on the long side, and some of the reviews noted that this top was a bit short. I'm very happy with the results & I will be sewing this one up again.


  1. I really like this top on you! It suites you well! Also, I must say that your version looks better than the one on the pattern envelope. I am glad you are enjoying your machine.

  2. Really cute top. If you added 3 inches it really was short to start with tho!! It looks the perfect length now tho.


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