Monday, January 3, 2011

Yet Another Sewing Investment...

I've been toying with investing in a rotary cutter & mat since....well, since I realized how horrible I am at using scissors. Really, it shouldn't have bee a surprise; sometimes cutting paper proves to be challenging.

Joann had all their cutting goodies for 40% off this weekend, so I went ahead & took the plunge. I bought the 23x70" mat (which is actually 2 mats that you join together), an ergonomic 45 mm Olfa cutter & 5 extra blades. Between this purchase & my recent sewing machine, I've invested a pretty penny on my sewing in recent weeks. I'm trying to view it as just that, though, an investment.

I used my new cutter & mat to cut out my skirt underlining for the Crepe & I loved it! Not only was the actual cutting part faster, but I didn't have to spend a lot of time pinning, I just put soup cans on the pattern to hold it in place.  My cut edges were nice & smooth instead of the usual jagged.

Definitely a worthwhile buy, if you ask me. So, how about you? Do you use scissors or a rotary cutter? What's your preference?


  1. I do both, but tend to only use the rotary cutter when I am doing straight edges with the ruler, otherwise they end up all wobbly. I am much better (and safer) with a pair or scissors lol

  2. I agree with Liz. I too use both methods, but usually stick with scissors for cutting out patterns. But then again, my mat is not that big, so if space allowed for it, then I would try to cut my patterns with a small rotary cutter instead. It does make cutting lovely!!

  3. You will love it. Don't think that this is just for quilters.
    I use it EVERY time I sew.
    Just like you did, I hold my pattern down with weights of some sort and use my rotary cutter to cut around the pattern.
    Barely use my sewing scissors.


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