Monday, January 17, 2011

Pendrell Progress!!

I've partially sewn my tissue for the Pendrell (using Soil Separator, which I've found to be a fantastic substitute for Swedish Tracing Paper). I don't have the sleeve ruffles on, but I love the design of this blouse! And it's very straight forward to so. So far I am loving Princess seams.

Here's less than stellar pictures, but they'll do....

I only fitted the right side since I'm planning on doing a full blown muslin.I think the front looks pretty good, especially in comparison to the mess that was the Crepe (which, actually wasn't horrible, but it sure got worse before it got better...) I anticipated having to do an FBA, but the princess seams appear to fall in the right place. The blouse is a little long by design & I haven't decided whether I will shorten it or not, having it long will encourage me to tuck it in, which is something I don't typically do, but I do like the look. 
I'm going to start off with my sloping/uneven shoulders alteration & I may adjust the neckhole to be a bit larger. I think it would be a bit of a struggle to pull the blouse over my head if my hair was curly hair tends to get a bit big.

Man! My shoulders are so uneven!! Look at how much lower the hem droops on the right. But that's an easy fix. I think. I hope. We'll see.

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