Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm really losing steam with the Crepe. I haven't even basted all the pieces of the fashion fabric & underlining together.

It isn't the design. Far from it. It's a fabulously versatile pattern with great instructions. It must be the fabric. Must be. It's very plain. And sheer. Very, very sheer. And fragile. It's just plain uninspiring. I'm determined to finish the dress, though. Even if I don't wear it.

Also not helping the Crepe are some fabulous projects I have in the que. For example, The Pendrell. Which, after HOURS of pondering & fabric shopping, I decided to go with a nice, solid black Silk/Cotton blend. I would have loved to do something with more of a 'wow' factor, but in the end, a nice black blouse is just so very versatile. And the ruffled version that I'm planning on doing will be great with a pair of jeans & heals or a high-waisted pencil skirt. And the fact that it is a silk/cotton blend combines the best of both worlds. The comfort & ease of cotton with the dressy look & feel of silk. Win, win. I'm certain it will fill a few holes in my wardrobe.

I'm also scouting out fabric options for the Sencha, which I ordered along with my Pendrell yardage (to save on shipping, of course).

Oh, also, I wanted to mention that I've been scouring the net for new places to buy fabric & I'm updating my "Fabric Shops" list on my sidebar, so if you're in need of some retail therapy, take a look!


  1. I need to do some more fabric shopping soon as well. I got all this stuff for the kids, and now I need something for momma!

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  3. If you figure the odd underarm seam on the sencha, let me know. I'm stumped....but then, I am using cotton instead of something silky-slippery.


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