Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Style & This Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom entails many challenges. Quite possibly the least of which is what to wear. I find myself more & more confused as how to dress lately. I'm 24, but while most 24 year olds are just finishing college & partying, I'm a mother of two. The fact that the garments in the juniors department typically fit me better than those in the women's department only complicates matters.

After having kids, my day to day activities shifted from those requiring slacks & blouses to garments that are more suited for, well, getting stained by various fluids. Which is ok. I love what I'm dong now. But I find myself in a wardrobe rut.

I've never felt compelled to follow fashion trends. I've always been more of a jeans & t-shirt type of gal. I mean, sure, I like to look nice, but I've never put an abundance of thought (or money) into my wardrobe. I wouldn't be caught in my pajama pants in public (unless it is an absolute crisis) but I don't go all out on a day to day basis.

Sewing & fashion trends seem to go hand in hand & I must admit, I do find it interesting. I'd like to have a style. To branch out from jeans & a t-shirt to maybe trousers & a blouse. And then there is always accessories. I appreciate a well accessorized outfit...I just don't know where to start.

So, I snatched up this book for $7 on half.com. From the preview on Amazon, it seems that the author points you to your own inspiration & what you are drawn to rather than touting his designs or what the current trends dictate. Should make for interesting reading at the very least.

How about you? Is fashion something you struggle with? Care about? Do you feel like you have your own style?


  1. I am also a SAHM of two, and I used to have a great sense of fashion (I loosely followed trends but added a little bit of my own style as well). After kids things definitely changed. I was willing to sacrifice style for comfort and practicality. Now I am ready to jump back out there again, as my youngest is nearing the age of 2 soon.

  2. Thanks for the book link :) I too am at this stage - though it has taken me longer to reach it lol I never really had a sense of style, other than being a bit different. Now the only style I have is comfort lol But I am trying to work on that and find clothes that are comfy but also nice looking.


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