Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crepe Progress...

I got my fashion fabric cut out yesterday. It took me forever to iron the 10 yard of fabric (fashion & underlining) And have I mentioned how much I hate the cutting phase?

Today I will (hopefully) get the skirt underlining pieces cut out (more cutting! Ugh!) & basted to the outer fabric. I didn't do it according to Gertie's instructions. Nap time just isn't' long enough. Instead, I will be using the method that Tasia shows here.

I noticed that even with the underlining, my dress will still be quite sheer. It will most definitely require a full slip. Which I do not own. Which made me revisit the idea of sewing my own. I've been toying with the idea of creating my own undergarments for a little while now, more out of curiosity than necessity, mind you. But I'm quite certain I would save a bundle of money if I started sewing my own bras. Maybe some day. The half slips that I do own are very static clingy & uncomfortable. I think I will have to look into making my own in the very near future. Stay tuned.

Back to the Crepe--I'm incredibly anxious to actually get sewing on this thing. It feels like I've been working on it for ages (that could be due to the fact that I've already sewn the bodice, like, 6 times). I just hope I don't hate it by the time it's all over. :)


  1. I don't think you'll hate it, I think you'll have a great garment. BTW, I'm not a fan of cutting much, either. The best feeling is when all the adjustments are done, the pieces are cut out, and it is time to sew--for me anyway!

  2. Thanks so much for posting a link to Tasia's method of underlining - I've been putting off cutting my fashion fabric for the Crepe because I hate the idea of hand sewing the two layers together!

  3. Vanessa- I think I'm going to invest in a rotary cutter & mat. We'll see if that helps at all. :) It seems like it might be faster & even more accurate.

    Helen-I am SO glad to help! Well, to point you in the right direction, anyway. :) I was putting off cutting my fabric too. Can't wait to see your finished dress!


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