Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Muslin #2 Plan of Attack

When we went to visit my in laws the other day, I took my muslin along to get some insight from my mother in law on the fit. I was mostly concerned about the shoulders & the disastrous back.

She thought that everything would kind of solve itself once the skirt was attached to the bodice, weighing it down. Now, I know I don't know much, but I wasn't sold. The other thing she mentioned was that the shoulders were sitting funny because the 'seam allowance' was sitting funny. Once you clip it, you should get a different hang. That did make sense.

So last night I clipped & ironed the seam allowances back & got a completely different result. It did not, however, 'fix' any issues. :) The sleeves now fall off my shoulders & (of course) the bodice is shorter-but I think it still fits into the ok range. I may change my mind, & add some length though.

Then I set about tucking & found that I was only grabbing fabric vertically. Can you tuck vertically? I wondered. It took me a few minutes to realize that I could just take in the side seams. So that's what I did. First I took in a half inch from each side & the front fit significantly better. But the back did wrap far enough (I had my husband secure the back, and when I asked him if it went past the dart, he confirmed that it did. Not really sure what happened there, but it certainly did not.) So I changed it to 1/4" & had the same results. Better front, worse back. Which is weird to me, because in my original pictures, it looks like the back is too big.

Since it was late-ish last night when I did all this, I wrote down my "findings" in case I forgot. So, this is my plan. For today. Hopefully the kiddos nap.

You can click to make it bigger, but here's what it says (numbers in parenthesis refer to page number in FFRP):
  • Taking side seams in 1/4" on each side resulted in a much better front fit but made back too small.
  • What if I took width from the front but not back? Start @ 1/4"
Plan of Attack Muslin #2
  • Move bust darts (134)
  • Shorten waist darts (134)
  • Take in front side seams
  • Sloping Alteration
  • Take in additional ?


  1. I like your plan and I hope it works! I know you are using FFRP, but have you tried looking at Pattern Fitting with Confidence by Nancy Zieman? You can find it at most libraries, and she has a specific section for muslins, and fine-tuning the fit on muslins according to the direction of the wrinkles. It's worth taking a look at to see if there was something you are missing, but I think your plan looks pretty good so far. Good luck!

  2. You know, I haven't looked at that one yet. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to look through it one of these days.


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