Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fabric Envy

My fabric isn't even here yet & I'm beginning to doubt my choice for the Crepe Sew Along. How's that for indecisive?

I mean, it's fine. It'll get the job done. I do like the color. But, the girls on the Flikr group have picked some gorgeous fabrics. Mine is pretty plain. Granted, yard for yard they cost about twice as much as the fabric I picked out (you get what you pay for??). Speaking of which. The fabric I ordered is now on sale. For $2.99 a yard. Now I find that just plum irritating.

Alas, I'll be sticking with the turquoise, and if I end up absolutely falling in love with this dress, well, I'll just whip one up in a more expensive fabric ;) And, come to think of it, this color would look beautiful on my red-headed sister. :) And she's about my size.

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