Thursday, December 2, 2010

Complete x2: Kwik Sew 3693

I actually finished sewing View B of Kwik Sew 3693 quite awhile ago. And yet, it never really got finished. Allow me to explain.

I was so, so proud of myself for getting it put together with minimal issues. So, naturally, I tried it on after I finished the hem. Therein lies the problem. See, I never really took it back off to add the pockets. And since it wasn't officially finished, I put off posting/reviewing it. But, since the fleece I used is super cheap, it has started pilling, and I've nixed the idea of adding the pockets (though they would come in handy, I'm sure).

Here's View A. I'm even more proud of this one. And it is completely done. I made this with the intent to wear it over my warmer weather dresses (having been pregnant or just given birth the last 2 winters, I'm short on non-maternity winter wear).

And though this pattern recommends using firm knits, I think it turned out great with my slinky knit. I sewed a size S and I like the fit. It is very comfortable. I think I could have done ok with an extra small, with the amount of stretch this particular fabric offers. The Hatchi Stretch Rayon Blend Jersey Knit Ivory (what a mouthful!) is pretty fragile & loosely woven, so I was a little concerned that I was going to snag it with my fingernail or something during production. But it survived intact. It also survived it's first two washings.

For the hem I used a twin needle (for the first time!! Woot!) And had no issues whatsoever with it. I didn't have to adjust the tension or anything. I did use what looks like serger thread in my bobbin. I had more issues getting the tension right with my serger, though. For some reason (if anyone has serger insight, feel free to clue me in) when I was overcasting the edges, the fabric tended to gather. After some fiddling, it got better. But for the life of me I'm not really sure what fixed it, as I tried so many things. :)

This pattern--both views--comes together incredibly fast & I highly, highly recommend it. For me, it was perfect for my first knit projects. I do wish that View B had a closure, but one reviewer on PR added a zipper, & I had originally intended to do the same, but, like I said, it never really got finished. :)

Yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered fabric for the Crepe Sew Along. After analyzing my (admittedly small) shoe stash, I decided to go with the turquoise Voile, since I already have brown boots & heels that will go with it. That, and the cardigan I just made will look really great as a topper. :)


  1. Well I think your toppers came out great, and the shape is very pretty! Kudos to you for using a twin needle! I can tell that will be my next investment.

    As far as the serger goes, it sounds like an issue with the substantial feed. My normal setting is 1, but for knits I have to adjust it to closer to 1.5-2 due to the stretch in the fabric. You can consult your manual for optimum settings for knit fabrics.

    Differential feed do with the speed in which the feed dogs fed

  2. OK, I am sorry about the confusion with my comment! I was on my phone, and it didn't say what I meant! Instead of substantial feed, it should be differential feed. I mean, what would substantial feed be? LOL!!

    Again, you really did do a great job on your toppers! And I think the turquoise will be very pretty on you!


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