Friday, March 18, 2011

Good News & Bad News...

So, the good news is that I got mroe thread & my cardigan is effectively finished. It still lacks the buttons that I'm not sure it needs & I need to figure out how to do thread carriers for it, but for all intents & purposes, it's wearable.

The bad news is that it's too big. Not just too big...but bordering sloppy.

I do try my garments on as I sew them. In fact, I hacked 2" off the bottom of this before I added the sleeves. I should have taken more off. And, yeah, I noticed it was pretty loose, but I decided to let it play out. You know, in case it just spontaneously fit me when I finished.

It didn't.

When I put it on, it reminded me of my white cardigan, that I've never worn out the house. I was going to, but when I put it on, DH said it looked too casual with my skirt. And another look in the mirror told me he was right. It was too big to wear with a pencil skirt. And now, every time I put it on I feel self-conscious.

Anyway, back to this cardigan.  I took it in an inch at the side seams, using a basting stitch.  And then I did the same to the sleeve. I actually took in both sides, but pulled out the right side so I could get before & after pictures.

Also, the length. I was really unsure about the length--it hits me right in my widest spot. For the pictures, I just pinned the hem up again, taking it up an additional 1 1/2". I'm not sure if that's going to be the final length, though.

So, back to work. This thing will be wearable by the time I'm done. The weather might be too warm to wear it, but it'll fit.


  1. Hi Jenna,

    I've been in your exact situation--a serged sweater that was too large. The main cause of this was not choosing the right knit fabric for the sewing pattern. I didn't realize this was the problem until years later so I haven't worn my sweater much at all. Hey! I was trying out my serger for the first time; how would I have known, right?! ;)

    You're approaching the alteration process spot on, though, and it sounds like you will "nip and tuck" your way to success in no time. Best of luck to you!


  2. I like the altered side, with all of your proposed changes! I think you will have a nice looking cardigan after all!

  3. Hi! I've found your site from trawling Pattern Review, as I'm looking to make this cardi up at the moment. Thanks for the info here and on PR - just wondering, did you pick you size based on bust measurements and the info on the back of the pattern? Your cardi looks great after you've brought it back to being a reasonable size!
    Thanks :)


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