Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I fought the Cardi...

.....and I won. But it was a close fight. Turns out the nipping & tucking was the easy part. I took the side seams in an inch & tapered to 5/8" at the hips. I took the arms in about 3/4". And all was well.

Then I had to decide whether or not I wanted buttons. For versatility's sake, I decided yes. So I moved on to the button holes. Which went beautifully. Once I figured out how to do it on my new machine.

Then came the buttons, which I sewed on by machine just to see if I could (I can!!!). After that I put her aside for a couple days & debated whether or not to take up the hem. Ultimately, I decided, yes. It needed shortening. So, being lazy & totally "over" this whole cardigan thing, I just folded the hem up again & stitched. Put her on and....the front centers didn't match. I mean, really didn't match. So, out came the seam ripper. And in my ripping fury I ripped not one, but two holes in my fabric. I just shrugged it off & kept on going. (After all, it is a knit so they won't fray. And they are rather inconspicuous.) I restitched the hem and...ta da! I'm declaring this one good enough. Wearable. Semi-well fitting, comfortable.  Warm. And purple.

I'll be writing up an official pattern review soon, but I wanted to get this post up, so consider this your sneak peak ;)

You know, it's funny. I drafted this post yesterday before I took pictures and now that I've taken pictures & am posting them-I like my sweater even more. I think it looks even better today than it did yesterday. I must've been holding a grudge ;)


  1. What a great success story! Your cardigan looks wonderful, and I love that color on you!

  2. Good job pushing through and defeating this beast. Granted, it's a lovely beast, so well worth it from what I can see. :) I'm glad you're getting over the hate and starting to love it more, because it looks great on you. Plus...PURPLE!!! :D

  3. It looks great! Good job!


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