Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Have Style: A Review

I bought this book on half.com. With shipping, the total came to $7. Excellent condition; slightly broken in, which I like since it makes the pages turn easier.

I had high hopes for this book. The reviews on Amazon were favorable & I liked what I saw in the preview. Suffice to say: I was not disappointed.

The First Impression: It's a good size book.  Lots of pictures with a variety of women with various lifestyles. 

The Good: Isaac's writing style strikes good balance between a friend & well, fashion designer. I was surprised to find a complete lack of "plugs" for his designs. He was not real heavy on trends. His emphasis was looking & feeling like you.

My favorite thing about this book is that Isaac is constantly pointing you back to yourself. ("Ask yourself: 'Does the mix feel right?', 'Ask yourself: What am I worth?', 'Who are you dressing for?') And there are some good self-examination exercises, too. The book includes a questionnaire to go through & answer (which I have yet to do)

The last section of the book is titled "What You Need" and says, "You want to stock your closet...with clothing staples: items that can be used in lots of different ways" I liked this portion of the book, but found some of the suggestions silly. Cowboy boots?? Ok, maybe. Belgian loafers? No. Not for me. Seven different watches? HAHAHA! Very funny. I don't even own one...and no, I don't really feel that I'm missing out.

The Bad: I did have a few qualms, however minor. The first makeover, for one, Manning. Three out of the four final outfits showcased her bra. A red bra. Granted, it was a pretty bra. I understand how that could be a  considered a "look",  but in my world....well, let's just say it would be inappropriate.

Also, the chapter "How to have style...and wake up from a jeans coma" consists of this: Wear dresses. Yep. That's it, ladies. Just throw on a dress. What about other options? Slacks, chinos, capris? Sweats?? (I joke.) In the climate that I live in, a dress simply won't do when it's -10 degrees outside.

The Verdict: Great book to have! I find myself skimming through it for inspiration & reminders.  I can't say that this book has changed my life, but it certainly has me re-evaluating how I shop--and sew! And why I wear what I do. It's progress, at least.


  1. Sounds like a good book! I feel like I used to have style before becoming a mom. I got lazy with dressing, and didn't see the point in moving past jeans. They should have a mommy style manual, a way to be comfy and look hot!

  2. Nice review. Don't know if I'd run out and buy it, but if I ever come across it at discount, I'll keep your review in mind (when I normally roll my eyes at books like this and move on). :)

    I hear you and the whole 'dresses won't do' thing. Winters in Manitoba Canada basically demands layers of pants, and it's nearly an every day thing for me to be wearing sweats under jeans just to keep warm. I'm sorry, 'just throwing on a pair of tights' under a dress/skirt just wont cut it. lol

  3. I liked this book, I bought it as a coffee table book. I was thrown by the Belgian loafers too, and I live in Belgium, I've never seen the things!


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