Thursday, October 7, 2010

Body Shapes & Shopping

The things you learn from sewing. Turns out I'm Pear shaped. I probably never would have even cared if it weren't for sewing & now I feel like I'm better equipped to find a style. As a stay at home mom, I find myself in jeans & t-shirts most days, but I would love to venture out of my box.

In an effort to start making garments for myself, I figured a good start (obviously) would be taking my own measurements. So, voila. Here they are.
High Bust: 32"
Bust: 34.5"
Waist: 32.5"
Hips: 37"

I thought it was interesting. Now, granted, my measurements are probably going to fluctuate quite a bit in the coming months (year??), being that I'm both only 3 months out from having a baby & breastfeeding. Hopefully I won't lose any more weight, but I think things are still...shifting.

Anyway. Shop Your Shape is a website I found trying to figure out what my "body type" is. You type in your measurements, where you tend to gain weight (for me, I gain it in my thighs & butt before my belly. Even when I'm pregnant).

After you do that, Shop Your Shape tells you what shape you are & what you should accentuate in your clothing choices. Then you get to see examples of outfits that would be flattering. For example:

And then it even gives you customized shopping. I didn't play with that much because I'm more interested in finding patterns for now.

Notice that the pants above have the same lines as my Yoga Pants? I'm going to have to find more trouser style patterns.

What shape are you??


  1. I seem to be a pear shape as well! No matter how hard I try, the weight on my lower half likes to stay there. Thanks for this post! I have read some basic info on dressing my body type, but this will help.

  2. Thanks for the link! I don't have my measurements memorized, but I used what I think I am and came up with a "straight" figure shape. I always thought I was a pear. I'll have to go home and check my measurements again.

  3. It is so interesting learning about body shapes. I recently looked into what shape I was, and found a brilliant site that really helped.
    She has really great definitions of each shape. Turns out I am really an hourglass with pear tendencies. So I have decently wide shoulders, with a smaller bust and wide hip/thigh area.
    Also don't just go on what they descriptions say - trying things on at the shops is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and see what looks good before spending time sewing them :)

  4. I checked the site against the measurements that I have written down for myself and they said that they didn't have a shape for me! No wonder I have such trouble getting anything to fit.

  5. What a neat website. I'm spoon shaped, which I didn't know was a shape. But I have to admit I guessed at some of my measurements, so I'll have to try it again with the precise information.

    I'm new to your blog (saw your link at PR!) and I think it's great! Love the new fabric you just got, especially that tweed!


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