Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Complete! Simplicity 2572

Alright! My first official project using a Big 4 pattern. It turned out well, could have been better but I wanted Laila to wear it to our weekend assembly, so I was on a time constraint. I took one week to do the jumper, hoodie & diaper cover. Looking back, I'm a little surprised I finished it, because I know that I even took a couple days off from sewing.

The jumper went together pretty easily, the neck & armholes are bound by bias tape, which was a challenge, just because baby neck & armholes are so tiny. I even did my first zipper.

I sewed size XS which is rated for 1-3 months & 7-13 lbs. The hoodie has some room to grown, but the jumper...it's a little short. Which is understandable since it is a jumper, not a dress & Laila is pretty long. Comparing it to a RTW size 0-3 months shows that they are just about identical.

The hoodie was a real challenge--in a good way. Mostly. There is a place or 2 that I caught some of the jacket in the seam when I was attaching the hood, but I didn't re-do it simply because I knew it would become a wadder if I tore out one more seam. And Laila would likely grow out of it before I even got the ambition to fix it. So, I left well enough alone. And no one has been the wiser. In fact, people seem shocked that I made the outfit. I just love it when that happens.


  1. I just bought this pattern yesterday. Cute outfit but even cuter baby.

  2. Very cute! I like the jacket as well. You did a great job, and made the outfit quickly!


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