Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Next Big Thing (in my Sewing Adventures)

Well, my Renfrew is stitched up; I just need to get pictures & the Hollyburn is *thisclose* to being finished; so naturally I'm onto planning my next sewing adventure.

Are you ready for this??

Bras. Maybe even with matching undies.  Someday.  Anyway, it was kind of an unexpected idea I had. I had seen Nolita's most recent set & thought 'wow'. I did some looking & rumor has it that bra making isn't that hard. A little more looking & I discovered Cloth Habit's Bra Sewalong, which JUST ended. But it was this post that pushed me over the edge. 'Ten Reasons to Sew Your Own Bras" written by Norma Loehr, custom bra maker. 

I ended up ordering the "Make & Fit" kit from Bra Maker's Supply that includes  a pattern, fitting book & supplies to make 2 bras (I requested red & black. I've never had a red bra before)! They're located in Canada so I imagine the wait time will be on the other side of two weeks, and the shipping costs were...well, prohibitive. I won't be able to order from them all the time.  But I've got a couple pretty good leads on US suppliers, so I'm excited to look into that. 

So that's it. Just wanted to 'record' this journey from the very beginning. If you're interested, this is my "Bra Making" pinterest board.

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  1. How neat! I love how sewing has soooo many possibilities!!! I wish you the best in your venture into bra-making! I need to buy some more myself, but depending on how you do, I may try to make one too!


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