Friday, February 22, 2013

Pin Up Girls Classic Pattern

Pin Up Girls Classic Full Band

Since we talked last, I've finished another bra, using a different pattern. It, too, will need some adjusting. But for right now let's just focus on the Pin Up Girls Classic pattern, ok?

Size: I ended up sewing a 30E. Just for reference, my measurements are as follows:
High Bust: 32"
Full Bust: 36"
Underbust: 28"

These patterns have you deduct your high bust measurement from your full bust measurement. According to that, I am a 32 D.  The problem with that (for me) is that there is a 4" difference between my underbust (where the band will go) and my high bust. Had I sewn this size, my band would have been much too big (bra bands are meant to do the bulk of the 'supporting' and should therefore be quite snug. Most women are wearing a bra band much too big for htem) I went with my instincts (and underbust measurement) and sewed a 30E (30 is the smallest band size the pattern offers, but it is very simple to size down).

That said, the band could stand to be smaller. This pattern uses Duoplex for the cup fabric, which is a non stretch fabric, but it does offer a bit of give.  The turned out just a smidge too small, and I'd like to sew it using a fabric with a bit of stretch.

As to the instructions themselves....excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend this pattern at all. Here is my review over on PR. It's a bit more thorough, I think.

I talked about the fit in my last post, but for my own info, I thought I'd write up a quick "to do" summary for my next muslin. 

Future alterations:
Move straps closer to neck
Narrow shoulder straps
Take in the bridge at CF 1/4"
Take in band 1" ??
Sew larger cup
Take in a dart at the underarm (upper cup) due to bulging


  1. Very pretty! I think I might just give this a go... my ever-growing pregnancy bust would appreciate it!

    Bundana x

  2. Sewing bras is so addictive, isn't it?

  3. That bra is pretty!! You are learning a lot with each of the bras you are sewing. I just got re-sized, and found out I was a cup smaller (due to weight loss). My new bra fits perfectly, and looks so much better!! I hope you achieve success soon.


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