Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bra Making: Here We GO!!

I was pleasantly surprised when DH brought home my order from Bra Maker's Supply. I ordered it on the 5th and received it on the 11th...less than a week later. That's CRAZY fast.  Especially considering that it was from Canada...the OTHER side of Canada. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

The kit includes everything you need to make your first bra.  My favorite part of the kit was that little pink piece of paper.  On one side is a "general" supply list. On the other is a little "worksheet" where you fill in your pattern name, size, and the findings that you'll need. You just fill in the amounts & widths. It's very neat. 

First I had to figure out my size. I had ordered the yellow size range (30 E and up) but when I measured myself according to their directions, I came out to a 32D. My 32 size band bras are actually a little loose (and the pattern doesn't include D cups) so I cut a 30E (the cups of a 32D & a 30E are the same)

I cut largest size of my pattern pieces & photocopied them onto the thickest paper I had on hand.  Then I cut out my size of the pattern pieces from that. My plan was to actually trace around the pattern ONTO the fabric and then cut it out. I really wanted to make sure it was precise; that way it was for sure that any quirks were from something other than less-than-accurate cutting. Because, let's face it, in the past I have been a little...wild when it comes to cutting. I just kind of wing it some times. And then when there's something "off" I'm never sure if it was due to the pattern or me. LOL.

"DOGS" stands for "Direction of Greatest Stretch"
 Then I traced the pattern pieces using my chalk pen.  I made sure to keep it nice and sharp. I also used this for the markings; and I labeled the markings using Washi tape (Painter's tape or Masking tape would work well, too).  I've never been this fastidious in my cutting/marking phase, but this was brand new territory, and by golly, I wasn't going to blow it this early in the game. 


Then I pinned the fabric pieces together. Generously. Using more pins than I have on anything ever.I also used my fabric shears over my rotary cutter this time.  If I keep sewing lingerie, I will probably invest in the 18mm rotary cutter.

I laid all the pieces out as recommended in the Make & Fit book from my kit.  I "labeled" all the pieces on the left using  my blue stripe Washi tape and everything on the right using my green polka dot Washi tape so that I wouldn't mix everything up. This was brilliant (if I may say so myself) until the actual sewing. Then it was a pain. But I just removed most of the Washi tape once I had it at the machine. 

As for the construction itself, it has went pretty well so far. My biggest (only?) problem was topstitching the cups.  The instructions did not specify to press--and I KNEW I should. But I doubted myself. So the topstitching is a hot mess & I have some rippleing from our wrestling match; trying to keep the itty bitty seam allowances open WHILE sewing. 

Setting the cups into the band went beautifully. Adding the channelling had me stumped for a minute or two but I got it. :) And this is what it looks like so far: 

All that's left is the elastic on the upper band & straps, adding the neckline trim, finishing the straps & adding the hook & eyes.  Then we'll try her on & see how she fits. I'm not really planning on this one being wearable (for one it isn't a nursing bra...though I could alter that after the fact) but I do have high hopes for my red version. :)


  1. Brilliant idea to label the left and right sides. I will be making my first bra next week and will use that tip. (I am left right challenged)

  2. I just saw your bra on PR....great work!


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