Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Endless Combinations: The Patterns

Here's what I have planned:

Straight Skirt (View C) from McCalls 3830 . I ordered a gray polyester suiting. Of course, I didn't take notice that it was polyester until after I ordered it. It's scheduled to arrive via UPS tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. If not, I'll start the contest off with a different garment & there should be time left in the contest to get a more suitable fabric.

Cardigan (View A) from Kwik Sew 3693. This will be a "topper" that will match everything else that I sew. I've done view B & loved how quickly it comes together.

Knit Dress (View C) from McCalls 5974. This will be a good one (I hope) since it already has the alterations on it. I'm also completely in love with the fabric I picked out for it. I may chicken out though, and use the funky print that I posted here because I just adore this fabric & I don't want to ruin it. We'll see where my confidence level is when I get to this piece. :)

Knit Top from Simplicity 4076. (View E). This pattern has gotten rave reviews on PR. I'm envisioning it in a deep purple, but I do have a few other options.

Tunic top from Simplicity 3750 (View A). This will be a bonus if I get to it. I anticipate a few fitting issues, but we'll see.

I also have Jalie 2794 on the way so I could use that, too.

All of these patterns have gotten really great reviews over on PR. I've also checked & they've also been rated "Easy & Great for Beginners" or "Highly Recommended" I am a little concerned that 3 of the 4 main pieces are knits, But I'm really determined to be able to use knit fabric so this will be a good opportunity to jump in.

I'm relieved to see that there are a couple others who are as new as I am to the whole 'garment sewing' scene. It makes me feel less crazy. :) I'm also glad to see lots of advanced sewers participating & I fully intend to take advantage of their knowledge & experience. :)

Stay tuned. This should be interesting.


  1. I think your plan sounds great! I look forward to seeing how everything comes together!

  2. Hi Jenna, nice to 'meet' you! I stumbled across your site this morning, and I'm so glad I did! Your sewing is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to see the items you make with these patterns. I have all of them but the Kwik sew, and I am seriously considering running out to pick that one up today! I'm your newest follower, and I'd love to have you visit me too! Best of luck in all your sewing endeavors, and have a great day!

  3. re: McCalls 5974.

    I'm sure the final dress will be very flattering when you're done. (I totally want to make that dress myself, now.)

    If I were you, I'd make two. Make one with the fabric that won't break your heart if there's a little oops, and then make the one with the fabric you're in love with.

    How would you go ab out making a muslin for a stretch fabric garment (since "muslin" isn't particularly stretchy?)

  4. Anne: Hi! Thanks for following! I'm glad you found me...I love seeing your creations! That Kwik Sew was actually my first 'knit' (fleece). I did view B & it turned out so great that I tried it on before adding the pockets & I wear it so much around the house that I still haven't put the pockets on. :)

    eimat: Thank you for following & commenting! I think you're right-I should give it a go in a more stable knit. For a 'knit muslin' you would just use a cheaper knit -ideally with a similar stretch as your "loved" fabric.


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