Monday, November 15, 2010

Endless Combinations: The Fabrics

I received the fabrics I ordered on Thursday & they are all exactly what I had in mind. :) My contest plan has changed a bit. I decided to nix the dress-the fabric I want to use for it is just too slinky. I fully intend to use it, though, once I'm a little more comfortable with knits. So, instead I'm tentatively planning on sewing up another skirt (out of that gorgeous berry tweed) and/or another top. I'm playing that part by ear.

One of the fabrics I ordered is a crinkle gauze (the hot pink pictured above) & I was planning on using Simplicity 3750 but I've decided against it. The fabric is a bit see through & sometimes I have a hard time wearing a scoop neck cami under square necklines. Anyway, I think I'm going to pick up Simplicity 2892 instead.

Today I'm hoping to cut out my fabric for the straight skirt & cardigan. I considered attempting to do all my cutting before I started stitching, but I find the cutting part of sewing so tedious, I thought it better to do a bit at a time.



  1. Sounds like, though your plan changed a little, you have things figured out. The fabrics all look great!

  2. Jenna -

    I love that tweed - is it soft? I wonder if it is machine washable?


  3. Thanks Vanessa. I'm really excited about it all!

    Ellie-Welcome & thank you for commenting! The tweed is incredibly soft (it definitely won't require a lining or slip) & I threw the whole thing in the washer & dryer when I got it--which could have been very, very bad in retrospect- but it came out in one piece & with minimal shrinkage.


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