Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finished: Ella Toddler Dress

I'm sure I'm not the only mom of girls to notice that long sleeved dresses are sorely lacking. Both in RTW and patterns, to be honest. I get the theory; for winter, you put on a sweater. In summer, you go without. Accordingly, sleeveless dresses should give you more wear. Except for the fact that toddlers grow out of said dresses typically before the next season. Yeesh. And, maybe it's just my toddler, but she strips off a sweater like nobody's business. It doesn't matter that she's cold. For whatever reason, the girl just doesn't dig layers.

When I first saw the Ella Dress from Sew Sweet Patterns I really liked it. I've used Sew Sweet Patterns before & they've never let me down.  The Ella was no exception. 

Here's the run down:
Fabric: The pattern calls for 1 3/8 yard. I used a little more than this to lengthen the sleeves. It's a Rayon shirting for $5 a yard. I originally bought it to make a dress for myself. It's got beautiful drape!
Notions: Thread & buttons
Size sewn: 2T (I think. It might have been 3T...this is why I's the only way I remember this kind of stuff)
Alterations/Design Changes: I lengthened the 3/4 sleeves to be full length.
Likes: I love the design details; the puff/gathered sleeves & princess seamed bodice. It's enough detail to look professional without being too fussy.
Disklikes: None?? I think I Might have had to gather the sleeves more than what the pattern marks called for, but I can't say for certain.  Also, I think the placket instructions could be a touch more thorough.  Oh, and my fabric tends to wrinkle. But that is neither here nor there. :)
Time to complete: 2 naptimes?? On & off? I can't be sure. But, not very long. :) 
Total cost: About $15? I always buy their patterns in bundles so I got a bit of a discount. 
Recommend? Yes! And since the pattern goes up to size 6, I'll probably be sewing it up again!


  1. Hi there!!

    This is lovely... I have found myself turning to your blog more and more as I make my own maternity and bambino clothes! I am 13 weeks pregnant at the mo and I am pledging to make all my own maternity clothes.. eek!!

    Thanks for your fab blog!!

    Bundana from



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