Wednesday, May 2, 2012

McCalls 6034: Maternity Style

26 Weeks along
Here's another  version of McCalls 6034.  The shoulders on my last version were a bit too big, so after much deliberation, I cut these ones a size smaller, XS. After all, my shoulders haven't gotten any bigger this pregnancy.  I cut the rest of the pattern out as a S and add 4 inches in length, to accommodate my tummy. Once again, I ruched the side seams to get a gathered look. And again, I omitted the bottom band; to be honest I forgot the pattern even has one.

The pattern itself came together without a hitch. Even the narrow hems that I had trouble with last time were easily tamed. I suspect this is due to the fabric being cotton rather than polyester. The fabric is nice, but since it doesn't have the same drape as my polyester version (of course). I sewed all the hems with a twin needle complete with wooly nylon in the bobbin, so they're nice & stretchy.

Had I realized that the RTW contest was going to start on April 1, I would have waited to cut the top out and entered this top in the contest.  Oh well. I had started it a bit early & it's been done for a few weeks now (bad blogger!!!)

Just for fun--proof that sewing CAN save money (I have a more in depth post on saving money on maternity sewing coming up soon). Motherhood sells a very similar top for the killer price of $26.98.  My pattern took just shy of 2 yards--and I bought this cotton knit on sale for $5 a yard at Sawyer Brook. Since I've already sewn the pattern up once (and bought it during a 99 cent sale) I didn't include that in the cost. So that's what, a savings of almost 60%?? Gotta love that!


  1. What a great knock off! You look terrific Jenna.

  2. That looks like a confortable and cute top! Nice job!

  3. This is so cute! I have a top from H&M that has this neckline, and I can just barely squeeze into it now. (Soon it will be too short for my pregnant belly.) I was checking it out trying to figure out how to copy it, maybe with a little more roominess in front and some extra length. The soft cowl neckline gives it a formality which makes it more work appropriate than a regular t-shirt. You've inspired me to get to work on that!

  4. Great work! I love how your blog is evolving as you evolve. It just looks so soft and comfy, something to be a yummy mummy in for sure!

    Keep in touch, Bundana x


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