Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grand Plans: The Minoru

I've loved the Minoru since the first time I saw it. When Tasia released it, I bought the pattern right away. And then I started planning on participating in the Sewalong. I traced my pattern and then...

I found out I was pregnant.

And that pretty much put a halt to any jacket sewing plans I may have had. Until now, that is.

I was planning on entering the Mini Wardrobe contest over on Pattern Review, but I have doubts that I'll be able to see it through the the finish & I'm pretty determined to keep my fabric stash down to a minimum. As in, muslin a pattern, buy the fabric, sew the fabric. Lather, rinse, repeat. No stashing. Anyway, I could see myself buying fabric for all 4 wardrobe pieces & only sewing 2 or whatever. And plus also, sewing a jacket will fulfill one of the goals I've had since I started sewing. So that's cool.

Anyway, when I initially traced my Minoru, I traced size 10; my measurements ranged from sizes 8-12. Now, my measurements are in the 4-8 range. So I'll have to retrace. I'll start out muslining the size 6. I made the Renfrew in size 8 & it was a bit on the too big side, so hopefully I'm on the right track.

For the outer fabric, I'll be picking up a purple cotton canvas.  And I've chosen a leopard print satin for the lining. I plan on including a flannel underlining for additional warmth & I'll add some sort of pocket on the outside, either side seam or patch; I'll decide once the muslin is all sewn up.


  1. Jenna, I am in the same place re the wardrobe contest. It i smore important to me to sew through some stash, and to stay with my current plans than to jump into yet another plan. Have fun with the Minoru-it is such a cute jacket!! Yours will be wonderful in purple and leopard.

  2. Ooo, I love your fabric choices for this jacket. I hope it works out because I can imagine it'll look smashing!

    And thanks for the heads up about the contest. I haven't been sewing much lately, but I need clothes and a mini-wardrobe contest might be the kick in the pants I need to finally get sewing. :) I think I'm just going to sew along and chat in the discussion board, and only officially sign up if I think I'm actually going to finish. I hate signing up and then dropping out.

    1. Heather, I'd love to see you do another wardrobe! I thought the first one you did (coral and brown, if I remember right) was so well done! I especially remember the jacket :)

    2. Haha thanks! Sadly, I probably won't sign up since I got recalled back to the mine I was working at recently until I got laid off. I return on the 12th, so it cuts into the contest schedule. BUT, it's inspired me to start looking at my wardrobe and think about a plan, so I think I'm going to start planning a wardrobe. Ideas a percolating in my head, so thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jenna. This version is going to be one that you'll always wear.


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