Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maternity SWAP: Skirt 1: Fail.

I stumbled upon this tutorial on Pinterest & thought it would be perfect for my black linen skirt. It should have turned out like the above skirt. Did it?

Negative. It did not.  In fact, I removed...prepare yourself...THIRTY inches from the side seams. Thirty inches PLUS tapering it in at the bottom. I mean, I realize that I'm a "pear" and that I gain weight in my hips/thighs...but I am no where as big as this skirt would have you believe.

 To top it off, I expected it to be an "afternoon project". It's turned into more like a 5 afternoon project (2 of those afternoons were wasted when my serger LITERALLY fell apart...more on that later) And I just can't figure out where it went so wrong. For a moment, I thought, "Maybe my fabric is too heavy" but it's just linen. It was light enough to require a lining (from Bemberg Rayon....what a pain!)

I keep going back & fourth as to whether to just declare this one a wadder & move on. But GOSH. What a waste of fabric that would be. Not to mention time. I'm starting to feel like this skirt must be conquered. At all costs.

 I was kind of depending on this "pattern" to be a jumping off point for future skirts. Sigh. At least now I know what won't work, right?? Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Also, I ordered (& received) my other skirt fabric...only to discover I only ordered 1 yard of each. Sheesh!! I don't know WHAT I was thinking. Guess I'll order another yard & have some nice sized scraps.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your stumbling block. When you took your waist measurement, did you factor in your belly? Because if you did, then that could be where the excess fabric came from. It is my understanding with maternity clothing, that you can still continue to wear your same size pre-pregnancy (until the 3rd trimester). So, I would have gone with pre-pregnancy waist measurements for the knit waistband, and maybe use another skirt you love as a guide when doing this one. Just a suggestion, though. I hope you figure this out, as sewing while pregnant can be challenging.


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